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MILLING SPARE PARTS , builds and installs turnkey plants of durum and wheat mills, maize mills, animal feed plants, rice mills, ship loadings and unloadings systems, storage for raw materials and finished products. It represents a strong Industrial entity wich answers to the market`s requirements in competitive way and with technologically advanced solutions, originated from extensive research, experience and know-how of all the processes.

The preventive maintenance carried out by skilled technicians will guarantee you the long-term operation of the plant.

When the milling plant must work 365 day/year it is necessary that there are no interruptions. A preventive regular maintenance maintains and improves the efficiency of the plant and consequently:

• guarantees the quality of the product
• optimizes the performance of the plant
• maintains the reliability
• reduces the requests of emergency interventions
•Assistance in time: supply of spare parts also for obsolete machinery, or complete assistance in the identification of products to be supplied in substitution.
• Optimized logistic processes: the spare parts reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible.
• Dedicated customers packages: upon request i twill be supplied a suggested spare parts list for all the purchased machinery.

Reliability and safety throughout the life cycle of your plant.